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Veronica Ng

Veronica or Veron as she is affectionately known by those who struggle with more than 2 syllables, is head of creative services. She has more than 20 years experience in audio/video production for television & radio commercials, documentary videos, corporate videos, TV programmes and jingles.

She is hugely respected in the community for her creativity and ability to match that creativity to her client’s requirements for value. She is decisive and committed and sets incredibly high standards for herself and those working with her and despite having an almost obsessive attention to detail, always manages to meet even the toughest of deadline.

Veron also invests time and energy into building good working relationships with clients, suppliers and the authorities, making a perfect fit for Fusionbrand.

During her 20 years in the industry, she has been nominated for and won several local and international industry awards including Gold at the International Broadcasting Award, London, Gold and Silver at the New York Festival and Gold and Silver awards at the Kancils and a Cegah anti-crime video award in Malaysia.

Veron is also a qualified speech and drama coach. She has a Master’s Degree in Ancient Wisdom (2010) and is currently pursuing her PHD in the same area.

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