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Established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2003, Fusionbrand is Asia’s leading customer focussed brand consultancy.

In the social economy, where consumers not companies define brands, Fusionbrand understands better than most that companies can no longer waste time, effort and money on unfocused, expensive customer acquisition strategies built around corporate driven messages advertised repeatedly across all media in the hope that they will stick.

Instead, Fusionbrand helps companies and governments like yours understand themselves, their capabilities, their customers and their environment better before working with you to develop a collaborative organisation that has the ability to consistently identify, nurture and grow profitable relationships with customers.

Whether business-to-business, business-to-consumer or government-to-citizen, we help you focus on what your customers want based around the belief that to be successful, a brand must deliver economic, experiential and emotional (and increasingly social) value at all times, at all touchpoints and on customer terms.

The world is changing, well established, aggressive foreign brands with deep pockets and saturated domestic markets are looking to Malaysia, Indonesia and other South East Asian markets for their future growth.

Our passionate, innovative, multicultural workforce offers a fully integrated team of multi-disciplined experts knowledgeable about internal and external branding, traditional and digital communications, merchandising, sales, marketing, dealer and channel development, measurement, customer engagement and loyalty and data collection, management and use of that data.

Our track record includes substantially raising the profiles of leading public and private sector organisations. But enough about us, this is about you. How can we help build your brand? Contact us today and let’s have an informal discussion about future proofing your brand.

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Why Fusionbrand

Fusionbrand is versatile, nimble & flexible. We understand that whilst a brand must be built on solid foundations, the realities of business in the 21st century mean that to be successful, companies must also be able to move quickly, adapt to new technology and leverage new tools as and when they become available.

From our internal analysis of where your brand is now, the gaps between the promises you make and the experiences of your prospects and customers, we move fast, identify issues and make clearly defined recommendations to address those issues quickly & confidently.

Our clients are our partners and all our projects are implemented as collaborative events. We will always recommend best practices to our clients, but we also understand that many factors affect decisions and we can work within those constraints.

Fusionbrand is Malaysian owned and staffed with international personnel who think the way your target markets think. We work with both the private and government sectors.



What do you need, a creative agency or a brand consultancy?

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An open letter to Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar on the Malaysia Airlines rebrand

I was concerned yesterday when I read your comments that rebranding of Malaysia Airlines (MAB) is not a priority. It was reported that you said, “undertaking a rebranding exercise without having a strong foundation would create a vacuum in the carrier.” This worries me because I think you are wrong. Malaysia Airlines desperately needs to … Continue reading

Is Malaysia Airlines serious about rebuilding its brand?

I’ve been looking forward to the new Malaysia Airlines (MAB) brand from both a professional and a personal perspective. Professionally, I’m eager to see what direction a global company with a huge reputation proposes for the carrier. Personally, I’m a big fan of Malaysia Airlines and have been for over 20 years. I also believe … Continue reading

Malaysia Airlines must find new ways to restore confidence in the ailing brand

What was once a globally respected icon of the aviation industry is in danger of becoming the laughing stock of the world and an embarrassment to all Malaysians. The arrival of Christoph Mueller seems to have done nothing to challenge the status quo. Last Tuesday we saw MAB make the extraordinary decision to introduce baggage … Continue reading

Another example of why you need to invest in Social Media today

When we develop a social media strategy for a company we often have a hard time getting them to understand that there is a definite need for a well structured strategy with carefully thought out ideas and schedules. And once we’ve done that, we then have an even harder time explaining that because of it’s … Continue reading

Malaysia Airlines has a new competitor. Or does it?

A new airline has been launched in Malaysia and to succeed it will need to be on top of its game. Called Rayani Air it’s based out of Langkawi and it started operations on 20th December 2015. According to the new managing director Jaafar Zamhari, Rayani Air is not a budget carrier but it flies … Continue reading

Is Malaysia Airlines turning the branding corner?

In my previous post I promised to report on the experience of flying Malaysia Airlines this December to see if there were any improvements in the experience following the earlier announcement that the new brand would be launched this month. These were my 40th and 41st flights on Malaysia Airlines this year so I had … Continue reading

Malaysia Airlines offloads key routes to Emirates

The tie up between Malaysia Airlines (MAB) and Emirates is an interesting one. On the one hand, there must be money to be made from these routes otherwise Emirates wouldn’t touch them and the cost to Emirates will be minimal because they are flying all these sectors anyway. MAB will still be able to show … Continue reading

The new Malaysia Airlines brand is to be launched this month

We’re into December 2015 and this is an auspicious month. But it is not just auspicious because of the holidays, it will be remembered as the month Malaysia Airlines launched its new brand. You only need to look at recent images of the Malaysia airlines CEO Christoph Mueller to see how stressful it is cutting … Continue reading

Which is your favourite 2015 Christmas ad?

According to a recent Nielsen report, 9 out of 10 Malaysians believe the country is currently in a state of recession and are tightening their belts as a consequence. This has led the Malaysia Retailers Association to lower their retail growth forecast to 4% with quarterly growth rates at their lowest since the Asian financial … Continue reading

Facebook Malaysia ad is not real but is that bad?

There’s an ‘ad’ for Aston Martin cars doing the rounds on Facebook in Malaysia. A lot of men, and probably a few girls are salivating at the image of a scantily dressed, leggy woman leaning against a counter in a kitchen. The caption with the ad says “Aston Martin’s newest advertisement for pre-owned cars” and … Continue reading

Luxury brands look to digital to attract generation AAA

Luxury brands, especially those with significant exposure to China have had a tough 2015. Swatch group annouced a 20% drop in 1H2015 profit whilst Prada saw a 25% drop in its 1st half profits, citing a slump in demand from China and Hong Kong. Jaguar Land Rover sales in China have fallen 20% in 2015 … Continue reading

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